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Friday, April 12, 2013

Part 2 You Know It's Spring When.......

Here's part 2 as promised!  I just want to tell you again that on April 14th, the new address will change to

Anyway, I love ice cream, so I as soon as Spring starts I NEED ice cream, frozen yogurt, and water ice!  It's a little sad because I love all the smells in the air, and the flowers.  Sometimes though, I feel like I'm skipping something in Spring when I go on frozen delight buying sprees!  There have been times this Spring however, that really didn't feel like, well Spring!  So I will say no more and take you on a "journey" of what I eat in Spring on days that feel warm, and others not so much.

 I'm really not feeling it when I go to Panera Bread and get HOT soup.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love Panera, but think, why would one need to go to get hot soup when it should be getting hotter instead of colder?  And why did I decide to go, you may ask.  Well, I was in the area, and the smell just hit me.  By the way, this is black bean soup with french bread.
 This picture is a bit dark since it was taken at night in the car.  And this was my second frozen treat of the day! But, but, but, but, I had a coupon! Cookies n Cream my friends.
 Now the Spring wave is hitting!  My favorite flavor of water ice.  Cookies n cream of course was at Rita's, whenever Rita's has this flavor I literally jump up with joy!  This flavor is soooo very uncommon to get daily, I think they only have it there every few times!  But it's good, no amazing, I was a little torn because those of you that don't know, Rita's came out with a cookie dough water ice!  But in the end I had to settle with cookies n cream. 

Happy Reading and Spring! K

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