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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yogurt Drops

A picture of a frozen final product

To begin with, I am so so so so sorry that I haven't posted in FOREVER!  I do apoligize, summer brings out the laziness in me, and then school started, and then I started this natural sugar only diet so I haven't really been able to bake at all.  But I was thinking of healthy things I could post and I saw this idea on pinterest.  Its such an easy and effortless dessert/healthy snack!

Vanilla yogurt (yes that's it!)

So here's what you'll need:
  • Yoplait Greek 100 calorie yogurt
  • Parchment paper
  • A sandwich(ehhe..did I spell that wrong..?) bag
  • Scissors
  • A baking sheet (it can be small)

Cut a piece of parchment to fit the baking sheet

So the parchment paper doesn't really stick to the pan and that was extremely annoying -_- so if you're like me, and can't stand that, just use the left over yogurt from the lid as glue:

Yes, it looks weird, but it works ;)

 Cut a small hole on the tip of your bag and fill it with yogurt.  Pipe small circles or as big as you desire

The finished product should look like this:

Don't mind the wrapper underneath, that was my attempt of keeping the parchment down.
Freeze the drops until they harden, make sure you cover them, or else they'll end up absorbing the taste of your freezer. Heheh mine tasted like vanilla jalapenos! :D

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