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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Croissants! + Roll-Up problem

Don't forget to like A Sweet Load on facebook!  Mmm... there's nothing like warm homemade croissants coming out of the oven.  The sweet yet salty buttery taste and heavenly smell.  And the feeling, that the 2 days it took to prepare these croissants, the constant rolling was really worth it.  Let me fill you in on how you make a croissant.  First the dough must be made and chilled for 8 hours or overnight.  Next, you must take the butter you have prepared and pound it into  the croissant dough.  Then, you will do a series of 3 turns each turn needing 2 hours to chill.  Wait, not finished just yet, now you need to shape the croissants and let them rise for 3-4 hours.  Finally they can be baked and enjoyed! These croissants will disappear before they even cool! I got this recipe for a book called "Baking with Julia" surely we are all familiar with one of the greatest bakers of all time --- Julia Child!

Roll Up Problem
You may have noticed that the color that is coming up on this blog is black and white.  Surely we all know I like colorful things!  I will fix this problem as soon as I can but as always, I thank my readers with their patience with me and for being so supportive!

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