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Friday, September 13, 2013


It's Friday!!!  Boy oh boy has it been some week!  Well, I made lemon meringue pie, which tastes exactly like key lime pie.  Now here is the problem, I don't like key lime pie, therefore I don't like lemon meringue pie, that's only my opinion though.  I made chocolate chip cookie bars! Mmm... they were soooo yummy and gooey!  Another thing is that it was my birthday recently!  I love the presents I got from my amazing family!  A vera bradley bag (green) a cardigan, and we went to go bananas to get a frozen yogurt yum!  It was a really good day.  Also who else thought that fall was finally arriving in the US?  The trees in my area are already turning red/maroon, it is so beautiful.  Don't forget to like A Sweet Load On Facebook, you can also subscribe by sending your email address to! Smiles, K!

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