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Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Year and an Announcement!

Announcement: Subscriptions are available, its as easy as sending your email address to!  Like A Sweet Load on facebook!
The summer has gone so fast!   "Wake me up when september ends" kidding, kidding.  So I'm interested to know, how was your or your child"s first day of school?  Also, I'm really excited to share with you guys that, I ran 2 miles in the local park trail without stopping, yay!  I tried to do the same yesterday but it was a lot harder, for some odd reason.  I bet it was the ice cream I ate an hour before!  So I'm looking for suggestions on blog posts, I would really love to hear from you, email me at  I wanted to post a recipe for apple pancakes but I wasn't sure that they were post worthy... anywho, would love to hear those suggestions and see those subscription requests emailed!  For now, smiles K.

Note: remember that roll up problem, yeah, sorry it hasn't been fixed yet.  I am really trying to get it fixed up soon though, thanks for your patience.

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