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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookies: Tales of Baking Cookies the WHOLE Week!

I tried to make the cookie arrangement look like a tree, what do you think!
Remember my holiday cookie post, where I took a picture of all the ingredients I needed for holiday cookies for my close friends?  If you don't, you can always look back to this  So I started baking on Tuesday December 17th and started off with; wait for it....GINGERSNAPS!  Mmm... when they first came out of the oven I couldn't stop eating them!  Soft, chewy, and sweet!

  Before, when I got the oreos for the cookies and cream cookies some people cough, cough-my family started eating the oreos!  So you can imagine, I had to use them quickly before the oreos were all gone and I would need to buy new ones to make the cookies.  So on Wednesday December 18th I made the cookies and cream cookies which were also rather yummy, soft and not overly sweet.  Before I knew it, Thursday had sneaked up and I had to speed bake to have the cookie boxed and packed by night and before bed.  So as soon as I got home, I went on my Pinterest (something I've been known to do ever since I got a Pinterest, which is very addicting to me!) and then started baking the funfetti because I knew they would be quicker and easier to make.  As the funfetti cookies baked, I started to melt the butter for the chocolate chip cookies and quickly mixed up the dough.
One of the world's favorite cookies- CHOCOLATE CHIP!  Soft and chewy the way I like them!
As I put the first batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven, I feared that the cookies would turn out as flat sheets (something that has been known to happen to me from time to time.)  I knew I couldn't afford to mess up, I had to give the cookies today (Friday December 20, 2013) after all.  I decided to be on the safe side and chill the dough, even if it was for only five or ten minutes.  All turned out well in the end, and I packed the boxes once the cookies cool.
I like to call them "Gingershnaps"  

I had a little problem though, it's a little embarrassing, I don't know if I should tell you....  Fine, confession; I couldn't stop eating the funfetti cookies.  After all the cookies and candies of the holiday and gifts from friends, everything is slightly sweet for my taste (Did I seriously say that?!  I never thought the day would come where I said something was too sweet for my taste!)  I'll just be sticking to salty things for the most part for a day or two.  You can get the cookie recipes from my 'holiday cookie choices' post, I put the link earlier in the post.  Like A Sweet Load on Facebook!
Cookies and Cream cookies, I had trouble trying to get my family to stop eating the oreo cookies before I even made them!
Soft and sweet, these cookies are irresistible to me, couldn't stop eating them until I felt sick.  And the I was struck by my self conscious feeling guilty for eating all that sweet!

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