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Monday, July 21, 2014

Spiderman Cookies

Hey friends!!  Sorry, I realize I haven't posted for a while!  But its been such a busy summer!  So first there was these: cookies!  50 of them!  I'm a perfectionist so I wanted these to be perfect.  Guess how long they took me.  6 hours..? Yepp, I'm still kinda new to this so.. they aren't perfect I know.  Let me explain the cookies and there meaning to you:
New Politics Cookies

So here's the scoop, ever heard of New Politics?  Well, early this summer, a friend of mine took me to a concert, the Monument tour.  New Politics?  Probably the BEST BAND EVER!  So since that concert, we have been in love with New Politics.  I posted this on instagram and Oh my ajdkaldja;!  The lead singer liked it!!!!!  But lets move on shall we?

Spiderman Cookies

Where do I start with spiderman?  Well let's just say, my friend has an obsession, nuff said.

Whale Cookies

I don't have a close up on them on  my phone and all of these pictures are from my phone because I can't find my camera :/

Tell me what you think about the cookies!  I'd love to hear what you have to say!  Like A Sweet Load on Facebook and follow A Sweet Load on Instagram @sweet_town19

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