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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Congratulations Grads!

I think I speak for all of the youngest children in the family when I say being the youngest has never been easy..not counting the expectations you have to fill but, you've got the responsibility to your oldest sibling's graduation surprise!  Now I know what your probably thinking, I bet your sitting there going "Isn't baking a cake a little predictable?  How wouldn't your sister expect that?!"  Allow me to give you a little run through.  Gi?  She doesn't like stuff, she followed the health nut path with me a few years ago, and honestly she hates cake, forget that she doesn't do sweets.  Icing?  I bet the word makes her cringe.

It was clear to any of us that she wasn't expected anything for her graduation, she didn't want anything that is.  But me?  I've got duties fill here man, I had to make sure her graduation was a big surprise, something she wouldn't expect.  My parents had come up with the idea of having a grad party, they and my oldest sister (Gi is the middle daughter) handled reservations and invites, those such things.  My job was simple, yet complex: keep Gi out of the loop of the party plans and decorate a cake.

Now I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty hard to decorate a cake as a surprise when you live in the same house together.  But it was easier than you'd think, Gi is completely oblivious to many things doesn't suspect a thing, she's golden; trusts people too much sometimes.

Now my oldest sister (Deeba), insisted that she help with the cake, something I did not take well -_-

But that's besides the fact she had two expectations, a marble cake, and a three tier.

THREE TIER?!  I had exclaimed, there was no way, too much work I thought, and the weather?  Woah wayy too hot to decorate three tiers!


Okay so fine, I agreed to it, wasn't happy about it though, but it was for Gi after all.  So after 5 hours of struggle, irritation, and possibly one of the hardest cakes I had ever decorated..wa lah.

So Gi was at work, and when she came back I was the only one home, it was my job to get her to the party venue.  She wasn't suspicious once, and she almost didn't notice when we walked in!  And it was a success, she enjoyed it very much and boy was she surprised.


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