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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Course 2, Flowers and Cake Design, Royal IcingThe

I haven't posted pictures of my cake decorating lately, however I have been decorating!  I have sadly, one more class, that ends this month :(  Anyway, these are my latest, tell me what you think!  I had an emergency with the cakes!  The first cake I made split into 4 pieces!  I had to rush the next day and settle with a cake mix.  The cakes wouldn't cook in time, plus I didn't have enough time to cool them, I had to go to my class!  The cake was way to moist, but in the end, you couldn't really tell.  Although one part broke off.:(  I was quiet upset because by the time that I got home, the decorations had melted!  I learned my lesson though.  Also, don't forget, A Sweet Load is now on facebook so please do like it.  Plus, you can always subscribe to email, to contact me, go to the top bar where it says: Home, Recipe, Gallery etc.  And find the contact information button, email away!
This is a practice for the basket weave.

The flowers are made of fondant, and the green stuff is grass.

This is  the top of the cake- the orange lilies are made of royal icing, which later becomes hard.  As are the rest of the flowers at the top. Did you see the reverse shell border?

This was a very colorful cake, since colors are great! Here's my basket weave on the actual cake.

Here is a basket weave on the cake, it's just a different color.

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